What We Do

MTS provides insight and oversight to transform your marketing performance through automation.  Our passion helps you create breakthrough business performance.   We address opportunities and challenges such as:

Build a Multi-channel Marketing (MCM) Strategy

MCM enables organizations to acquire, grow, and retain their customers in a cost effective and transparent fashion.  MCM is not just e-mail and direct mail, today it includes social media, out-bound personalization at a variety of interaction points,  mobile, and addressable media.    We help our clients:

Optimize Marketing Operations

While the customer face of marketing has transitioned to on-line and social methods, the back office of marketing must adapt to a new reality that requires crisp execution, high velocity, and transparency.  Your CEO demands that marketing grow the top line while your CFO demands discipline and adherence to Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

MTS partners with senior marketing management to see the larger possibilities of marketing automation.  We can assist you in efforts such as:

Execute Marketing on a Global Basis

Marketing success demands global execution.  Talent and labor costs must be optimized on a global basis.  Digital assets must be acquired, managed, and localized to protect your brand while communicating with the local marketplace.  Campaign investments must be leveraged across a global footprint.

 MTS has worked with dozens of companies who have utilized marketing automation to achieve global success.  We can help you leverage your global team by:

Optimize the Lead Management Funnel

Leading B2B marketers can outperform the competition by carefully managing the advancement of leads through the lead funnel. Moving prospects from hand raisers to closed business in a disciplined fashion drives marketing success at every B2B and many B2C companies.  Technology can automate this process while providing learnings that will drive continuous improvement.  MTS can: