The final piece of the MTS recipe for marketing success is engagement.  When customers are engaged with your brand, they stay loyal, evangelize, and buy more.  When your employees are engaged, they are productive and perform at a high level.  MTS helps you to focus on building long term engagement with your customers, employees, and your counterparts in sales, finance, IT, and general management. We know that extraordinary results happen when you engage your stakeholders.

Change Management

Sustainable success requires a change management strategy and execution plan.  Change management requires patience and a long-term commitment to enhancing the value of marketing technology in the life of your professional staff.  MTS works with you to optimize the human element of your marketing transformation.  We help you take a holistic view to change—combine organizational design, effective process, communications, enablement, and rewards to achieve your desired outcomes.

Customer Experience

The ultimate success of your marketing transformation requires that you engage customers with individualized and compelling experiences.  Improved marketing effectiveness happens only when offers, channels, and creative message come together in new and compelling ways.  MTS ensures you stay focused on the needs of the customer and build a multi-channel marketing mix that delivers results.

Strategic Alignment

Successful marketing requires alignment with all functions that participate in touching the customer.  Marketing automation has an enormous potential to improve the working relationships with sales, finance, IT, and general management.  Strategic alignment requires common goals, transparency to results, and shared processes that facilitate success.  MTS facilitates the implementation of a working framework across functional lines that will achieve alignment.  We have direct experience in facilitating sales/finance/marketing alignment using marketing automation as a means to secure long term success.

User Enablement & Adoption

Efforts to enable users and secure user adoption should happen in parallel with early stage planning efforts.  The engagement of your user community starts when you define your needs and the specific requirements to be fulfilled by your efforts.  MTS will assess your organization and recommend the activities and investments required to engage your users.  We have successfully led efforts that have ensured users were fully enabled and ready to support the goals of major marketing automation projects.