All marketing automation programs start with a view towards a future state. MTS will collaborate with you to create a powerful and compelling vision backed with clear business drivers. Our mantra:  Business drives the transformation and automation enables it to happen. We define the various “threads” -- financial, process, technology, and talent -- that all must come together for your future success.

We bring along the experience of working with global leaders such as IBM, Dell, eBay, HSBC, and Adobe. Following is a list of services that can be tailored to meet the needs of any global marketing organization.

Needs Assessment

Prior to beginning any marketing transformation, organizations should understand where they are at today versus where they want to go. MTS has a structured process that starts with your vision for a future state marketing organization. We then evaluate where you are today by interviewing groups and individuals and reviewing legacy documents and processes to understand all of the requirements driving your investments.  Finally, by adding our perspective gleaned from engagements with other companies, we help you understand the gaps and find the most efficient path toward filling them.  Our experience is your gain.

Marketing Maturity Assessment

Marketing organizations go through several steps on their journey to operational maturity. MTS has a well-articulated maturity model that has been developed through our collaborative work with the world’s best marketers.

Assessing your marketing maturity can provide immediate benefits to your organization. It helps to prioritize your investments and helps you to benchmark your progress against yourself and other companies.

Organizational Readiness

Any major marketing automation initiative requires major changes in competencies, attitudes, and work flow.  Many marketing organizations rely on agencies and suppliers which will no longer be available in the future state.  Furthermore, given the creative nature of marketing, many marketing professionals may be averse to any type of structured work flow and automation.  MTS will assess your risks and opportunities and recommend a specific course of action to ensure that your team moves ahead with the rest of your initiative.

Business Case Development

The first challenge most marketers face in achieving their vision is the creation and acceptance of a well articulated business case.  MTS has a framework for documenting the benefits and investments required to achieve business success.  Our insight into the total cost of ownership will help you aspire to great results while avoiding the inevitable disappointment that results from overlooked costs and overly optimistic assumptions.  Additionally, as an objective third party source, we can provide outside validation of your proposal.

Marketing Automation Roadmap

Creating the big win for your business requires a clear marketing roadmap. This ensures that marketers, not technologists, drive the direction of your investment.  MTS defines a roadmap articulating each phase of your project as well as changes in strategy, organization, technology, and financials that occur along the way.  Our clients have saved millions by prioritizing their investments and executing against a long term plan.