When you are ready to transition from planning to execution, MTS stands ready to make the move with you.  Our 3600 vision of the process helps you focus on the big picture of success. We bring a business centric point of view to the process and help you organize the resources of your IT function, software vendor, and system integrator around a path to success. 

Vendor Selection

Sorting through vendor claims and aligning product features to your business and user requirements can be a daunting task.  MTS has extensive experience with all of the major technology vendors in the categories that make up the marketing technology landscape.  Whether you are making a strategic decision to select an Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) platform or a more tactical choice for MRM, content management, e-mail, or lead management, MTS can drive the process to completion. 

You will benefit from:

Project Management & Oversight

Once you have selected your marketing technology vendor, MTS helps you select and build a powerful implementation team.  We can help you create a high performance team consisting of your software provider, your marketing staff, your IT organization, a third party systems integrator, and ourselves.  Benefits of partnering with MTS include:

Securing User Adoption

Enterprise software projects succeed when they secure the passion of the user community.  MTS will help you assess your user skill sets, develop training, and a communication plan that will ensure success. MTS will coach your executives on how to make a visible and measurable commitment to the success of the project.

Strategic Advisory Services

For companies that have a long-term plan for implementing a variety of systems and integrations, we provide strategic oversight on overseeing your marketing automation roadmap.  Depending on your needs, we may focus on:

On a more tactical level, our senior strategists can help you identify risks and devise resource allocations that respond to the unexpected.  Our clients benefit from the long-term relationships that we establish and nurture over the long haul.