The Marketing Automation Landscape

The marketing automation industry provides an enormous variety of technology and delivery vehicles for marketing organizations that are looking to be more effective.  Because of the overlapping vendors and rapidly evolving product offerings, choosing the right vendor for your needs can be a daunting task.

The Right Paradigm

We help our clients answer the big picture question, “What is the right approach to marketing automation?”  Options include:

MTS can help you make a decision that will align with your business drivers and marketing strategy.  Our knowledge of the industry will ensure that you have insight into where your selected partner is headed over the next few years.

Core Capabilities

Five years ago, marketers could select from two major categories of software—MRM and campaign management.  Today, these boundaries are becoming blurred.  All of the major technology providers are increasingly building products that connect that full marketing process into one integrated application. 

The Web

The other major development in the marketing automation industry is the increasing alignment between marketing automation and on-line marketing.  Marketers can reasonably expect that the technology chosen will not only help manage traditional direct and advertising processes, but on-line marketing through web anaytics, social media, and real-time decisioning. 

Delivery Options

The other major decision that marketers now need to make is how they will choose to have their capabilities delivered to them.  In the past, marketers chose between an in-house and outsourced solution.  The emerging gorilla in the market is Software as a Service (SaaS) that provides some of the benefits of both options.  The technology vendor take care of all of the infrastructure and backroom services required to deliver functionality directly to your staff.

MTS has ample experience in all types of delivery paradigms.  We will advise you on how your business requirements can be fulfilled by SaaS, in-house, or traditional outsourcing.  More importantly, we will also create a resource plan that will maximize the success of whatever system that you decide to build.